Work at Northern Freight Services

Employment opportunities

Northern Freight Services offers a broad range of employment opportunities, training, development and long term career growth.

For employment enquiries, please email

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Career development

Northern Freight Services offers training programs including traineeships in Transport & Logistics (Road Transport) Driver Certificate III in conjunction with our training partner JKR Training.

Serious about safety

At Northern Freight Services, we place personal emphasis on our “Serious about Safety” code. The importance and focus on safety is applied daily throughout our organisation. Every member of our team is expected to accept responsibility for working safely at all times. We are dedicated to ensuring that our safety-focused culture and performance is of the highest safety standard.

We work together with our clients within the supply chain to ensure that safety policies and procedures are strictly enforced and monitored. Our customers’ safety and OH&S processes are observed along with the Northern Freight Services vision:

Everybody goes home safe every day.

Road Safety Remuneration Order
Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016